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4 Tips on a Smooth House Moving With an Autistic Child

4 Tips on a Smooth House Moving With an Autistic Child

Moving is a stressful and complicated endeavor in general. However, when you have a child on the autism spectrum, the idea of packing up your things and moving somewhere else can seem rather impossible. Parents are usually concerned that their kids will get overwhelmed by this huge transition, and they have every reason to be as children with autism do well around routine and stability.

Relocating with an Autistic Child

House hunting and moving to a new place with children on the autism spectrum can be very challenging. Besides finding a home that fits your budget, you need to consider your kid's needs and prepare them for the moving day. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this, and here are a few strategies to help you find the right home and plan a smooth moving day.

Set Up Your Budget

Raising a kid with autism can have some significant financial impacts for parents, even with the help of the various benefits offered by the government. It is not easy to deal with the costs of having a child on the autism spectrum. Still, if you are prepared to manage the additional expenses of buying a new home, you should establish a budget based on your annual income before you start house hunting. While every family's situation is different and some loans have different policies, there are a few basic guidelines based on your gross monthly income. First, your mortgage payment should be 28 percent or less, your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) should reach 35 percent or less, and your housing expenses need to be 29 percent or less; this is for things like taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. You should also have at least three months of housing payments and expenses saved up before you start looking for houses and ensure you check the prices of the properties in the area you want to move in beforehand.

Find the Ideal Home

Now that you're ready to look at houses, reach a realtor who can help you find a home that will be ideal for your situation. Team Pepka specializes in real estate and has some of the best realtors who can help you get the best possible housing option within your budget. When house hunting, you need to keep in mind some aspects that must come with the new place, such as an enclosed backyard, a quiet area or windows and insulation that keeps the noise out, and a nearby pool if your child likes water. For instance, open-concept floor plans are also ideal for people on the spectrum, as well as a bigger yard to support a positive sense of well-being and improve your child's physical strength, sensory processing skills and boost attention span.

Tell Your Child

Because children on the autism spectrum feel more secure when they know what to expect, you should think of a way to inform your little one of the changes. It is essential to let your kid know as early as possible to give them time to get used to the idea. To help your child feel comfortable with the news, emphasize some aspects they would be excited about, such as a backyard with a swing or the pool. Create a moving calendar and tick the days as they pass so your child can visualize the period conducive to the move.

Have a Moving-Day Plan Ready

The moving day is always chaotic and overwhelming, but make it a task to focus on your child because they will feel the commotion more deeply. It would help to have a moving-day plan already and just follow through with it on the day of the move, so you make things easier both for you and your child.

Preparedness is the Key

Finding a new home can be a fun process for the whole family, but with a child on the autism spectrum, the endeavor will require more preparation and planning. Let your child know as early as possible, help them become accustomed to the idea, and find a place that suits their needs. This way, the new home will become an exciting place for your child to live in as well.

When house hunting, it is imperative to choose the best realtor you can find. Team Pepka's real estate agents are some of the most experienced in the industry, committed to helping you find the best house for your needs. You can contact the professionals via the Team Pepka website or at 941-708-3555

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