Paula McCabe
Buyer Specialist

This busy wife & mom of three kids has had her fair share of soccer mom days, minus the mini-van, I just couldn’t do it. I come from a vas career background, starting with the US Army as a helicopter mechanic. A licensed barber, which came in handy in the military, I traded hair cuts for getting my boots shined. Moving forward after 25 years in aviation, I am a self taught professional photographer, owner of my own photography business for the past 5 years. This leads me to my current passion of being an emerging Real Estate agent for the best team in Manatee County. One awesome thing I have done in my life, which I can say was an absolute honor, was to be a part of the search and rescue response team for NASA when the space shuttle would land in California. We never had to actually rescue them when I was on active duty but I guess that means they did their job right. I feel all of the experiences throughout my life, built the person whom you see before you now. A confident, well rounding woman that wakes up daily with determination and purpose, well that is what I want you to see anyway. Some days I’m a hot mess that just needs to get my one cup of coffee in before I can focus. Then and only then will my daily positive vibes shine through. I enjoy most things fitness, except running. My go-to snack is a Slim Jim. I absolutely love popcorn. I love the color yellow.

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